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NM tag Draw deadlines
new Mexico hunting dates 



Big Game Draw New Mexico


Feb. 15-Deadline to submit all harvest reports.

March 18-deadline to apply for all NM big game draw hunts.

April 1-New license year begins.

April 7-Deadline to submit harvest reports for Barbary Sheep, Ibex, Javelina, Oryx, and trapping.

April 29- Big Game draw results available


Date with Destiny

New Mexico

For all draw hunts in NM your application must be submitted by March 20th 2023.  We will gladly assist you with this process.  Per state law we must have a signed contract in place before you submit your application.  We will not issue our outfitter number to any client without a signed contract in place.  To be eligible for the 10% state outfitter pool you will need an outfitter number.  If you have any questions regarding this process or the state draw please call at anytime and we would be happy to explain the intricate details to you, as well as provide detailed instructions on applying for the draw.

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