Grand Slam Club Convention In Las Vegas 2018

January 31, 2018

Grand slam club was as usual a fantastic event. We met some of the most accomplished hunters in the world, and talked to many people about the opportunity that New Mexico has to offer. 


If you are not a member of this organization I highly recommend it! It is honestly quite intimidating being around so much hunting talent in one room but it is what makes it so unique. 


I have to say with an extremely heavy heart that I will miss and cherish Dennis Campbell for all he has done for me and this organization over the past several years. It was a hard pill to swallow but I know that this man gave me my way into this organization and has more knowledge of marketing in the hunting industry then I ever hope to obtain. 


I am currently sitting in a wall ten about to guide Barbary Sheep (aoudad) hunters for the next month and wish Dennis was sharing a campfire with us.  I look forward to 2018 as I know it will be a great year, and I promise that the immense combination of hunting experience me and Ryan Nogosek have combined will make anything in New Mexico a reality!


Thanks again and I look forward to seeing all of my friends and family through this fall!!!




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