New Mexico Big Game Draw 2018

The New Mexico draw has officially opened for 2018! With that is important to understand the draw and work with an outfitter that can make your dreams a reality. New Mexico has so many great hunting opportunities knowing how to capitalize is critical.

First step, understanding the draw. New Mexico allocates 84% of available licenses to its residents, 6% to non residents and 10% to those who apply with a licensed outfitter.

When applying with an outfitter you must have a signed contract in place to use their outfitter number.

This is both a legal requirement as well as a method to protect both the prospective client and the outfitter. The deadline to apply in the draw is March 21, however i recommend having your paperwork completed several weeks in advance.

To apply you must pay the total license fee at the time of application, however if unsuccessful you will be refunded it minus a 13 application fee.

Second, is choosing the right outfitter and hunts for you. When applying with an outfitter ensure they are licensed by the land agencies in the areas you desire to hunt. Second is deciding which hunts are right for you.

With so many species, whether it is trophy elk in the Gila or ibex, Barbary sheep, bighorns, oryx, mule deer, coues deer, or even javelina the choices are endless. Spending time with you outfitter discussing draw odds, weapon choices, and time-frames is a critical step.

Furthermore what you desire as far as lodging, comfort, and overall experience are critical steps. Having a honest conversation about all these facets of the hunt will make a more enjoyable experience for all parties involved.

All in all New Mexico is an amazing place to hunt with so much diversity in landscape and species. I highly recommend coming and having an experience you will never forget.

Let A3 trophy hunts NM be your next adventure!

New Mexico Big Game Elk Draw 2018 Jordan Hall A3 Trophy Hunting NM