Why Success is About Action

JH Outfitting was developed from the idea that we don't just hunt for a kill. We hunt for an experience. Hunting can only be defined as the closest form of connection to both wild animals, and the wild places they inhabit.

Let us help you have that experience!

Were out scouting for big game like elk and pattern them...we eat sleep and big game!

Hunting and the outdoors has always been the driving denominator in my life. Therefore, as one could imagine, it is also a basis for much of my decision making process.

Many times I have made life decisions based on this primordial need of the outdoors and a passion that must be constantly fed within me. With that being said, it is not surprising that I found my inner fulfillment in becoming a guide and outfitter.

However, hunting doesn't simply stop with the fulfillment of my personal passion. I have developed the philosophy that hunting is the closest, most intimate, form of connection that any human can have with wild animals and the places they inhabit.

It brings a sense of clarity to the human mind that allows for clear and conscious decision making to occur. It gives times for reflection on what truly is important in ones life and surroundings. Hunting also helps one let go of the things that so often cloud our minds.

I often tell people about how I finally decided to ask my (now) fiancée to marry me on the hillside of a mountain in Alaska’s Chugach Range. I then spent all spring gathering enough elk sheds to purchase an engagement ring and reflecting on my decision to become a husband.

My point is that, in today’s busy world, we seldom have the chance for this type of deep reflection, clarity of mind, and connection to ones surroundings. This is a mindset that is regrettably becoming lost in this era.

My journey through the hunting industry thus far has kept me coming back to an evolving thought which is, what are we doing to protect hunting?

Join me on the next blog up date to find out...