5 Secrets to Finding A Great Guide

Step one:

Do your research on your New Mexico outfitter. You are looking for an outfitter that operates all year-round scouting and setting up good camps in the right area.

Step two:

The outfitter employs good quality, long term local NM guides that live and breathe big game.

Step three:

You are looking for an outfitter that is willing to do his best to give you the best opportunity on big game.

Step four:

You need an outfitter that loves what he does! A passionate outfitter that looks after his guides, camp and clients.

Step five:

When the previous 4 steps come together...and you are feeling comfortable...the final step is to make sure the outfitter is a registered and a member of the "New Mexico Council Of Outfitters & Guides" then contact that outfitter and talk with him and find out in more detail the steps from 1 to 5 and what experience you are looking for in New Mexico.

Jordan Hall meets all five steps when it comes to Outfitting in New Mexico. Jordan Hall is a proud member of the "New Mexico Council Of Outfitters & Guides" and about as passionate as you can get!

JH Outfitters employs quality NM guides, is always out scouting, and working in the field all year round. Jordan operates a clean comfortable camp with home style meals and abides by the NM code of conduct .

Jordan's knowledge and ability is first class when it comes to big game hunting in New Mexico.

Why not give Jordan a call or email and talk hunting in New Mexico and what he can do for you.

New Mexico Outfitter/Guide Code of Ethics

1. Utilize knowledge and skill for the benefit of the public. Strive to extend the public knowledge and appreciation of the professional hunting/fishing industry.

2. Be loyal to the client and perform the job to the best of ability at all times.

3. Direct best efforts towards the fulfillment of the contractual obligations. Do nothing to infringe upon the rights of the client or the cause of good sportsmanship.

4. Advertise in a dignified manner. Set forth a factual presentation of services provided and the cost of such service.

5. Furnish equipment including livestock as necessary for operation. Maintain proper maintenance. Provide adequate sanitary services and serve wholesome food only to be conditioned by the primitive nature of the surroundings.

6. Respect the rights of other Outfitter/Guides. Do not directly or indirectly injure the reputation of another’s business.

7. Guard the profession against persons unqualified to perform due to lack of moral character or inadequate training.

8. Extend training opportunities to others through an interchange of ideas and experiences to ensure the longevity of the professional hunting/fishing industry.

9. Support the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish laws and methods in the care of wildlife harvests. Protect the fields and forests against the ravages of wildfire. Support responsible conservation of natural resources.

10. Practice appropriate minimum impact camping techniques and cooperate with industry partners to develop better methods of caring for the lands and waters.