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Hunts And Species we Specialize in


New Mexico Elk Hunts

JH Outfitting specializes in several units in New Mexico For elk hunting.  We have picked a handful of units that we specialize in depending on weapon choice and hunter goals.  We consistently provide quality hunts for our clients based on their individual goals.  Whether it is chasing screaming bulls in September with a bow, or spot and stalk with a rifle or muzzleloader, we will help achieve your goals.  Please contact me to discuss what your individual goals are, and we can develop a hunt and package that best fits your own ambitions.

New Mexico Deer Hunting

JH Outfitting offers some great deer hunting for both coues deer and mule deer in New Mexico.  We conduct these hunts in a handful of units that we specialize in.  We can do these hunts for any weapon type and base our application strategy and season based upon each individual hunters goals.  Please contact me today if you are interested in hunting coues deer or mule deer in NM.

New Mexico Antelope Hunts

JH Outfitting offers Antelope hunting throughout the state of New Mexico.  We have been very successful on harvesting the best animals available for the areas we are in.  We also have been very successful with all weapon types, including the archery hunts.  Furthermore we do have some limited landowner hunts available.  Please contact us today if you are interested in New Mexico Antelope hunts.

New Mexico Bighorn Sheep Hunts

JH Outfitting Specializes in New Mexico Bighorn Sheep Hunting.  I have been blessed to have taken apart of many sheep hunts in the state, for both rocky and desert bighorns.  I have been in or hunted every unit in the state that offers bighorn sheep. I would be happy to assist you on your once in a lifetime experience.  Me and my team will not only make sure you harvest an incredible animal, but that you do it with a memory that you will never forget.  Please contact me to if you are interested in applying for Bighorn sheep in New Mexico.

New Mexico Barbary sheep Hunting

When It comes to hunting Barbary sheep in New Mexico, look no further than JH Outfitting.  I have been guiding and hunting these animals in New Mexico for many years more than most.  We are extremely successful on these hunts with high quality animals.  If you are interested in an amazing adventure in the desert of New Mexico call me today to discuss these hunts!

New Mexico Ibex and Oryx Hunts

JH Outfitting has been extremely successful in providing high quality hunts for both Ibex and Oryx.  These are very unique opportunities, and we make sure to capitalize on them to the fullest extent.  Not only in harvesting quality animals but providing an experience you will not forget.  If you are interested in either of these species please contact us today!

Barbary Sheep with JH Outfitting
New Mexico Mule Deer with JH Outfitting
New Mexico Desert Bighorn With JH Outfitting
New Mexico Antelope with JH Outfitting
New Mexico Ibex with JH Outfitting
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