Yes A3 Trophy Hunts Offers New Mexico Cougar Hunts.


Yes A3 Trophy Hunts NM Offers New Mexico Sheep Hunts.

NM has some of the best Rocky Bighorn and Desert sheep hunting in the world.  If you would like the chance to harvest one of these amazing animals NM is a must apply state for Bighorn Sheep.  With no point system you have a chance very year of drawing one of these incredible tags.  Contact us today to discuss how we conduct our sheep hunts and various option we can provide for you.

Hunting New Mexico Oryx

March 22, 2017

Yes A3 Outfitters Offers New Mexico Oryx Hunt.


New Mexico has a very unique opportunity offering hunts for these beautiful animals.  Besides making an incredible addition to your trophy room Oryx meat is one of the best table fares around.

Yes A3 Outfitters Offers New Mexico Antelope Hunt.


New Mexico has some great antelope.  With quality antelope found throughout the state we can work with you on finding the right hunt and weapon type to meet your expectations.

Yes A3 Trophy Hunts Offers New Mexico Deer Hunts.


New Mexico Deer Application Dead Line 20th March.

New Mexico Hunting License Year Starts April 1st

Big Game Draw Results 24th April


Yes A3 Outfitters Offers New Mexico Elk Hunts.


It is no secret that New Mexico is one of the best places in the world to hunt trophy elk. We offer hunts for all weapon types and our guides are bar none the best in the business.  We hunt a variety of units and also have landowner tags available for purchase.  If chasing screaming bulls with archery equipment or glassing late season bulls and hunting with a rifle is on your to do list call us today!

Yes A3 Outfitters Offers New Mexico Aoudad Hunts.

Hunting Barbary sheep free range in NM is one of the funnest hunts in the state.  Barbary sheep hunts are every bit as challenging as any sheep hunt and make an incredible trophy.  If you want a good hunt with high draw odds wherein you get a full sheep hunting experience this is the hunt for you!

Yes A3 Outfitters Offers New Mexico Ibex Hunts.


Hunting Ibex in the Florida mountains in southern NM is an incredible and fulfilling experience.  We have a great team f guides for these hunts to assure your success on a big billy. Whether it is Rifle, Muzzleloader or the Archery hunt we have the skills and knowledge to provide you with the best opportunity and harvesting on of these incredible trophies.  Contact us today to talk about these hunts and what we can offer.

Yes A3 Outfitters Offers New Mexico Bear Hunts.


We have the option in NM to hunt bears both with hounds or spot and stalk.  If harvesting a color phased bear is on your to do list NM is a great place to look.  Contact us today to discuss which options we have available if these hunts interest you!

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