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JH Outfitting requires a deposit and requires all clients to have a signed contract before entering the state draw.  A contract must also be signed at the time of booking any private land hunt.  Hunt prices do not include state sales tax, nor do they  include state issued license fees.  No deposits are required for draw hunts at the time of application.  


Upon notification of successful draw, or purchasing a landowner tag a %50 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required.  This is to ensure guide commitment, and scouting availability.


The remainder of the balance shall be due when arriving to the hunt location. At this time we don't not accept credit cards for payment however all other methods are acceptable




NM Hunt Contract & Deposit

Upon notification of successful draw a %50 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required.  This is to ensure guide commitment, and scouting availability.  The remainder of the balance shall be due at the hunt location.  For private land hunts the deposit shall be the amount of the landowner authorization to hunt which shall only be refunded if a replacement hunter is found, at which time the deposit will be refunded, less any difference between the original price and selling the hunt as a cancellation hunt.  All other above mentioned policies apply in the same fashion.


NM State Draw Hunts

For all draw hunts in NM your application must be submitted by march 23rd.  We will gladly assist you with this process.  Per state law we must have a signed contract in place before you submit your application.  We will not issue our outfitter number to any client without a signed contract in place.  


To be eligible for the 10% state outfitter pool you will need an outfitter number.  If you have any questions regarding this process or the state draw please call at anytime and we would be happy to explain the intricate details to you, as well as provide detailed instructions on applying for the draw.

 JH Outfitting  Basic Rules & Policies

  • All hunters must possess a signed contract before applying for a draw hunt, or at time of purchase of a private land hunt

  • JH Outfitting encourages clients to be prepared physically and mentally for their hunt.  This will increase their chance of success as well as overall experience

  • If a client has special concerns or needs they should make  Jordan aware of these concerns well before the hunt

  • JH Outfitting uses pictures of the harvest and from the hunt for marketing purposes, if a client would not like their image used please let us know in advance

  • JH Outfitting abides by all state laws and expects clients to do the same

  • All clients are expected to be courteous to one another in camps and respect each other, as well as their guides.  If there is an issue we will gladly address it, however we expect everyone to be professional and respectful towards one another.

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