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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Jordan Has extensive experience in western big game hunting.  I have hunted across the west, and continue to learn and adapt every year.  I believe in running a combination of old school outfitting, while still working to the highest standards. Furthermore we believe in using high quality gear and equipment.  My Guides and clients are what makes my business and inspires my passion. I will never, and have never forgotten that.  I strive to build long term lasting relationships with everyone that is a part of my business.  My passion is hunting, and hunting hard.  I don't always do things the easiest way or the most comfortable, but I can promise in you come hunt with us you truly will be hunting for an experience!

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Back ground information:;

Jordan Hall:  I grew up in New Mexico, and have long had a strong passion for the wonderful hunting that this state has to offer. I have lived in many places across the state of N.M., Colorado, Alaska, and now currently reside in southern Idaho.  Seeing and working across the west I feel has helped me improve my skill set and knowledge of animal behavior greatly.

     I began guiding as soon as I legally could at the age of 18, while also pursuing a career with the US Forest Service as a wild land firefighter.   For many years I spent my springs and summers fighting fire across the western U.S.  and guiding in the winter and fall.  After awhile I  knew it was time to pursue my hearts true passion.  I decided to become an outfitter and make it my full time profession. 

   Over the years I have had the opportunity to do many amazing hunts all across the western U.S and Mid west.  I have made many great connections and friends along the way, which has helped my business evolve. I Continually try to learn and improve my business, and our hunting strategies. Furthermore, I try to build relationships across the industry with other outfitters and hunters alike.  I like to be able to assist others in this business, even if it is not directly involved with my operation.  I believe the hunting community is a very special group of individuals, and I like to do my small part to continue to foster those relationships.

   I believe in a combined old school outfitting philosophy and using modern equipment.  I pride myself on knowing I will work harder than most,  and I do not quit easily.  When I originally decided to start my business my number one goal was to hunt hard, hunt for an experience, and make lifetime friends both with my guides and clients.  If you choose to come hunt with us; I hope you will feel that sense of what hunting was meant to be. thank you for your consideration in JH Outfitting.

JH Outfitting is proud members of the following...

Grand Slam Club

Safari Club International

Wild Sheep Foundation

New Mexico Council of Outfitters and Guides

JH Outfitting Is permitted to operate on the following federal Lands:

  1. Gila National Forest

  2. Lincoln National Forest

  3. Las Cruces ranger district BLM

  4. Socorro Ranger District BLM

  5. Pecos Ranger District BLN

  6. New Mexico State Lands

  7. Cibola National Forest

  8. Carson National Forest

  9. White Sands Missile Range




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